Wave Oak Photo Magnet | 2.5×4 Inch


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Turn your photos into magnets to relieve pleasant memories. Create a customized photo magnet with Sblossom to bring your memories to the attention of your home and daily life. The Wave Oak Photo Magnet is a beautiful way to display your favorite photos. This 2.5×4-inch photo magnet is functional and beautiful, making it perfect for your refrigerator, magnetic board, or other metallic surfaces.

The Wave Oak Photo Magnet has a finely crafted oak frame. The wood’s beautiful grain and warm tones add refinement to any room. Photo magnet sets are the perfect natural gift for any occasion.

This photo magnet is inspired by ocean waves. The curving silhouette adds visual attractiveness. The Wave Oak Photo Magnet simply transforms your photos into stunning pieces of art.

Wave Oak Photo Magnets make preserving memories easily. The powerful magnetic backing secures your photo without slipping or falling. You can proudly show off your favorite memories.

The Wave Oak Photo Magnet brings your photos to life, adding warmth and charm. It’s a great present for birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions, allowing loved ones to keep their memories.

Wave Oak Photo Magnets enhance any space. Personalize your life by turning your refrigerator into a gallery. This elegant and compact photo display lets your most precious moments shine. Sblossom personalized fridge magnets are a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift that can be tailored to the recipient’s interests or personal style.


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