Halfmoon Colorblock – Blue Wooden Wall Clock


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The wall clock is one of the important accessories in all interiors, Sblossom has a unique collection of really incredible gifts that the recipient will remember forever. Our Halfmoon Colorblock – Blue Wooden Wall Clock merges modern style with nature. Its half-moon shape and blue color block pattern make this clock a highlight for any wall.

Our Halfmoon Colorblock – Blue Wooden Wall Clock is constructed of durable wood and carefully crafted. The 9*9 inch size is great for a wall focal point without overwhelming the space.

The simple clock face has white hour and minute indicators on a blue color block background. Smooth hour and minute hands make timekeeping easy and accurate. Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping.

Its half and half contrasting design are what makes it unique not just serving purpose but style. Its peaceful blue tones make it excellent for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, or any space you want to relax.

Our Halfmoon Colorblock – Blue Wooden Wall Clock is useful and elegant. Its half-moon form and contemporary design complement modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian interiors.

This wall clock has a mounting hook on the back for easy installation. Hang it up to add elegance to your home.

Make your memories timeless with Sblossom wooden wall clock.  Mount it on the wall in your living or workspace for the perfect look. The Halfmoon Colorblock – Blue Wooden Wall Clock is elegant and precise. This elegant clock is perfect for your house or as a gift.


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