Couple Theme Wooden Nameplate | Personalized | 12×12 inches


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Celebrate your special love for your partner with this charming Couple Theme Wooden Nameplate. Give your guests a warm welcome with this adorable name board. This delightful nameplate combines the rustic charm of a hut-style design with a romantic couple theme, creating a unique and endearing piece of decor.

The Hut Style Couple Theme  Wooden Nameplate was made with care and attention to detail. It has a wooden base with a worn finish that gives it a sense of rustic beauty. The pattern in the shape of a hut adds a touch of nostalgia and fun.

Personalization is at the core of this nameplate. Your names or initials are expertly engraved onto the wooden surface, creating a custom piece that represents your unique bond.

The versatility of this nameplate allows for various display options. Hang it on your front door or near your entryway to warmly welcome guests, or place it on a wall, shelf, or mantel as a decorative accent. It serves as a constant reminder of your special connection. Installation is made simple with pre-drilled holes and included screws for easy mounting.

Celebrate your love and create a cozy atmosphere with the Sblossom Hut Style Couple Theme  Wooden Nameplate. Its charming design and personalized touch make it an ideal gift for couples, newlyweds, or as a heartfelt addition to your own home. Appreciate the beauty of your relationship with this beautiful wooden sign.


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