Baby Born Star Sky Map Wood Print | Personalized


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“Baby Born Star Sky Map” Wood Print, a unique and personalized artwork, highlights the romantic moment of a baby’s birth and the celestial wonders that aligned on that special day. This beautiful wood print commemorates the joy of a new life.

The “Baby Born Star Sky Map” Wood Print is produced from high-quality, sustainable wood. The natural wood grain warms and authenticates the artwork. Each print is polished to accentuate the wood’s natural beauty and uniqueness, making it unique.

The wood print’s star map shows the baby’s birth night’s constellations and stars. The map shows the glittering night sky at the precise time and location using precise astronomical data, capturing that magnificent moment. This personalization makes the wood print a special gift for new parents.

The star map is inscribed with the baby’s name and birth data. The delicately etched characters make the wood print a special keepsake of the baby’s birth. The star map and personalized inscription make a beautiful and emotive work of art that will be loved for years.

The “Baby Born Star Sky Map” Wood Print comes in several sizes to accommodate any nursery or living room. Its lightweight structure and hanging hardware make it easy to display and rearrange, providing wonder and charm to any environment.

With the help of sblossom recreate the view of the stars during your special moment. This baby-born star sky map wood print reminds you of overwhelming emotions when you first saw your child.

Print Size

12×18 Inches, 12×8 Inches, 14X11 Inches


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