Owl and Flowers Wooden Nameplate with Kid Hanging


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Introducing our Owl and Flowers Wooden Nameplate with Kid Hanging is a charming and functional addition to your house. This meticulously hand-painted wooden nameplate adds elegance to your doorstep and helps guests and neighbors find your home.

Our wooden nameplate is 12 inches long and 6 inches wide to be seen from afar. The base’s high-quality, sustainably sourced wood makes it weatherproof and suited for indoor and outdoor use. The design’s rich colors and delicate features last for years because the wood is weatherproof.

This charming nameplate features a playful owl in a flower garden. The owl’s keen eyes and friendly demeanor make your home feel wise, protected, and warm. The hand-painted flowers around the owl provide color and vitality to your surroundings.

But the customizable kid hanging function makes this nameplate stand out. The owl and flowers frame a miniature wooden youngster swinging. You may personalize this child figurine with your child’s name or any other writing, making it a unique nameplate and family symbol. This kind gesture warms up kids and grownups.

The Owl and Flowers Wooden Nameplate with Kid Hanging shows your family’s warmth and charm better than a decoration. Whether you put it at your front door, garden gate, or child’s room, it’ll spark conversation and symbolize your home’s love and care.

With pre-drilled holes and screws, installation is easy. This magnificent Owl and Flowers Wooden Nameplate with Kid Hanging will impress guests and welcome them home. It adds playfulness and uniqueness to your home’s exterior with the perfect balance of aesthetics and usefulness. Order yours from Sblossom now!


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