Mela Pala Bhai Wooden Rakhi


A thoughtfully handcrafted token of the eternal love shared by siblings, perfect for adding a touch of tradition and comfort to your Raksha Bandhan celebrations.


The magnificent Mela Pala Bhai Wooden Rakhi celebrates the timeless link between siblings and adds warmth and tradition to Raksha Bandhan.

This intricately crafted rakhi captures the festival’s spirit. A delicately crafted wooden medallion depicting Lord Krishna and Radha under a beautiful tree—a symbol of eternal love and protection—is the rakhi’s centerpiece. It’s a treasured gift because the beautiful artwork depicts the siblings’ divine bond.

The wooden medallion’s brilliant, eco-friendly colors enhance its appearance and represent Raksha Bandhan’s joy. Bright colors capture the spirit of this wonderful occasion by bringing joy and unity.

A smooth, handwoven thread enhances the Mela Pala Bhai Wooden Rakhi’s beauty. So your bond is as strong as the rakhi, these threads are chosen for comfort and longevity. You can pick a thread color that matches your sibling from a variety of charming ones.

Our original and traditional rakhis show our dedication. To make the Mela Pala Bhai Wooden Rakhi a work of art that honors love, the artists put their hearts into every detail.

In spite of the distance, this rakhi symbolizes your unbreakable tie with your sibling. This exquisite box protects the rakhi and adds sophistication, making it a great gift for your brother.

The Mela Pala Bhai Wooden Rakhi is more than a thread—it’s a symbol of your love, a reminder of shared memories, and a commitment to support. Throw on the Mela Pala Bhai Wooden Rakhi this Raksha Bandhan to celebrate sibling love like never before. Order yours with Sblossom now!


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